It has been known for a long time that advertising is a lever of trade and that is why we offer an ideal solution that will allow you to promote your own company or institution in an unusual way. In other words: we will provide you with the right leverage!We sell advertising mugs and cups, and as their manufacturer we guarantee that they will be made in the best quality: both from the technical and graphic side.

Manufacturer under the microscope

DABA is a group of creative specialists who since 2004 have been supervising the design and production of porcelain and glass mugs and cups for advertising purposes.We make any prints using ceramic and glass tracing paper technology and the subtech method, which we then fix in appropriate furnaces at high temperature (up to 900°C). This is a guarantee of durability and mechanical resistance of our products.And at the same time, we make sure that the appearance of both our cups and cups is not only aesthetic, but also that their form and pattern on them catch the eye. And thus – they lud potential customers.

Advertising mugs for every company

DABA, as a manufacturer of top-class goods, also means fast execution of orders, friendly service, competitive prices, attention to detail and ceramics of the highest quality.As manufacturers, we care primarily about the satisfaction of our customers.We approach each order individually, constantly investing in modern, professional equipment to meet your expectations. The distribution of our goods covers the territory of the country and abroad. Our mugs and advertising cups will help your company find new recipients, and the current ones will not let you forget – after all, advertising ceramics is today a proven promotional medium for companies, institutions and all kinds of manufacturers!We have interesting packaging designs, thus providing a fully satisfactory final product. We also offer a wide range of other types of gifts and advertising gadgets, which you can get acquainted with on the www.daba-group.plwebsite. Welcome!