Public offers have accustomed us to a very traditionalist approach, consisting in placing a photo or other graphic motif on the side of the cup. And yet its construction allows for much richer and more interesting decorativeness!

Mug beyond recognition

We make all types of prints, e.g. on the bottom from the inside and outside, at the edge from the inside or finally on the ear of the cup. Of course, we also make standard orders, consisting in placing a print around or on a fragment of the side of a specific vessel. In addition to the standard “full colour” option, our customers can choose from a diverse range of available decorating techniques:

  • subtech – a modern method of heating the desired image into a dedicated coating of the vessel
  • silver and gold printing – a method of decorating with gold or silver glossy paint, respectively
  • gloss – a method of applying an application containing text or graphics to a matte surface that becomes shiny after firing
  • sandblasting – a method consisting in creating a perfect imitation of the effect obtained as a result of sandblasting by applying satin paint to a transparent surface

Mugs with prints

Our mugs with prints – As you can see, there is a lot to choose from!