Printed glass cups for coffee and more

Each of us wants to surround ourselves with aesthetic and at the same time functional objects. Our printed glass coffee mugs certainly meet both of these criteria, as they are made with the utmost attention to detail and at the same time provide great comfort of use. Cups are practically a personal thing. Almost every person has their favorite glass cup and only from it they are most likely to drink coffee. And if at the same time the mug has a personalized print, then it becomes a treasure that the owner will not give to anyone! Therefore, bearing in mind this extraordinary bond of the owners with these items, we make unique mugs with a coffee print. Let’s add right away that in addition to mugs with prints, we also make glassware, also with printed graphics or inscriptions.

Technology is the basis

In our studio near Poznań, we use many decorative techniques, starting from the classic “full colour” print, through the so-called shine, to the method of applying prints with satin paint, perfectly imitating the effect obtained during sandblasting. The basis for the advertising prints we offer is porcelain, porcelain (its cheaper, similar in appearance variety) and glass. Prints made on porcelain and porcelain products are fired at a temperature of 800 – 840 ° C, which allows to obtain durability enabling the use of mechanical dishwashers to keep dishes in proper cleanliness. In addition, the daily contact of cups with hot coffee or tea also does not affect the durability of the print. When it comes to glassware, the firing temperature is 560 – 620°C, so hand washing is recommended. Our customers, if they live in Poznań, have the opportunity to collect the ordered goods in person – their treasure with a unique print – in our warehouse, located in Przeźmierów (near Poznań).