Why are there no price lists of printed mugs on the website?

We provide customers with price lists in paper and electronic form. We know from experience that the use of price calculators can lead in many cases to misleading customers who are not always able to properly interpret the designs they want to put on the cup. We provide quick and professional assistance in the calculation of prices and color consultations.

Do advertising agencies have a discount?

Yes, advertising agencies have a 30% discount in relation to the end customer.

What is the difference between porcelain and porcelain?

First of all, porcelite is gray glazed with white enamel, and porcelain is white and glazed with transparent enamel. Porcelain is of higher quality.

Is it possible to make a full-color print, a photo on a mug?

Yes you can. The best results are achieved on a white cup. The design in full color printing is divided into four basic colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (cmYK for short). Very often it happens that the image on the monitor will not correspond to the final version of the print on porcelain that can be achieved in the technology of ceramic decals. Especially when we want to get clear colors (m.in reds, oranges, roses, purples, greens, etc.). Magenta ceramic paint in its initial form is darker than magenta used in offset printing, which limits its impact on reds and pinks. The right effect can be achieved by using additional Pantone colors. In this case, you should add additional Pantone colors in the project to match the problematic colors.

What is the durability of prints?

Prints on porcelain and porcelain products are fired at a temperature of about 800-840 ° C, which ensures their durability for washing in mechanical dishwashers. Prints on glass are fired at a temperature of 560-620°C. For this reason, manual washing is recommended.

What mug is most often ordered?

The cheapest and most frequently ordered mug is Tomek in white. It has a large print field, a capacity of 330ml, a comfortable ear and the best price.

What is the minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity, but it should be remembered that with a small quantity, the cost of the prepress room significantly increases the unit price of the product.

Is it possible to accurately reproduce the colors of the print on the cup?

Color shades after firing may vary depending on the quality and color of porcelain and porcelain – enamel, thickness of paint used and firing temperature. The colors of ceramic paints do not have Pantone markings and cannot be exactly compared to this stencil. Deviation in color shades up to 25% can not be a reason for a complaint.

How should I prepare a project?

Graphics should be in vector form in Corel, or as an EPS file, for raster projects a 1:1 jpeg 300dpi file or a tif file. Fonts must be converted to curves. Colors should be specified according to the Pantone stencil. Minimum line thickness in positive 0.16 mm and in negative 0.4 mm. Minimum wolfness of writing 6 points in the positive and 10 points in the negative How are the cups packed? The Ordering Party may receive the goods in two ways:

  • packed individually (each cup in a single carton) and then in collective cartons (option additionally payable),
  • packed in bulk in standard cartons

What are the deadlines?

The standard deadline for completion is 10 working days from the date of acceptance of the necessary materials for production, approval of the project for printing and return of the signed order confirmation. However, we recommend that you confirm it each time.

Is the gold and platinum glossy paint print resistant to washing in dishwashers?

The glossy gold and platinum glossy color is printed using printing inks, which largely consist of precious gold or silver. Applied to porcelain or ceramics during firing, it does not become part of the enamel surface, but remains outside the glaze. For this reason, these prints are not resistant to washing in dishwashers and are not recommended for use in microwave ovens.
There is an alternative to gold and platinum their imitation. These paints look very similar, however, they do not have such a characteristic shine. However, they can be used in dishwashers and microwave ovens.

What can be the deviation from the ordered quantity of products?

The order is considered to have been completed in full, also if there is a deviation from the ordered quantity of goods in the amount of +/- 4%.

What does subscribing to the newsletter give?

– information about planned promotions at least 10 days in advance

– access to special promotional campaigns